This is Terry Taylor's personal website. 

I am available now. My qualifications:

  1. I get things done. I focus on your deliverables and your schedule. My own schedule is flexible.
  2. Very experienced and very technical tech writer and product designer.
  3. Speed typist.
  4. BSEE (Purdue). Graduate work in theoretical physics and math. GRE analytical 800/800.
  5. 17 years experience working in software companies abroad.
  6. Fluent German, Russian, and good Chinese (including written).
  7. Living near Fort Worth, Texas, and willing to relocate now.

My resume. I have a lot of experience with different companies in several countries. Many of the jobs were contract or with small startups that later failed. I took a lot of risks and learned the hard way how to deal with cultural differences. I am now looking for a contract or long-term job where I can put my experience to good use.

This site describes my
1. Examples of work
2. Tech experience
3. References

This site also describes my
4. International experience and languages
5. Language study methods

I have recently switched PC's, website software, and website providers. This website is still under construction (12 June 2012).

I chose the URL "slowchinese.com" for a Chinese language learning website. The concept was that to succeed in learning Chinese you had to "go slow". I dropped the idea because the website was constantly getting blocked in China.

Work examples
20 November 2014
International experience and languages
Tech experience
Language  study methods
terry@slowchinese.com, +86-136-7604-5496